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Bi Xia is an experienced occupational therapist who worked with people with chronic conditions such as mental health, chronic pain and cardiac conditions in National University Hospital. She graduated from the occupational therapy program in NYP and University of Sydney, later graduating with an MSc in Occupational Therapy (Research), and a graduate certificate in chronic conditions management from Dalhousie University, Canada. She co-published a guide for OTs in Singapore on chronic conditions self-management, and has presented at various local and international conferences, as well as published in international journals. Being actively involved in contributing to the profession, Bi Xia has served in varied capacities since the student days in SAOT Student Council and as a council member upon graduation. A firm believer of the importance of a strong OT community to support the growth of occupational therapists in Singapore, Bi Xia is committed to lead and support such initiatives via the SAOT platform.

Vice-President/ Honorary Secretary

Head - Education & Research

Having been actively involved in SAOT since his Student Committee days, Gabriel sees SAOT as an opportunity and strategic platform to raise the awareness and value of the OT profession for public health and social care. He believes that professional development of members and active student involvement are integral to this purpose, and has actively advocated for opportunities through member-driven projects and external partnerships. Gabriel's passion lies in empowering communities to co-create meaningful changes, utilizing "Design Thinking" principles with technological advancements to enhance community platforms. Gabriel has completed his MA Digital Media Management, and is currently Assistant Manager and Senior Occupational Therapist at AWWA Community Integration Service, through the NCSS Sunray programme.

Vice-President (Finance)/ Honorary Treasurer

Florence graduated with a BSc (Hons) Occupational Therapy from UK in 1998. She has been working in Tan Tock Seng Hospital. Florence obtained postgraduate certification as a driver assessor in 2004 and oversee driving assessment services. In 2006, collaborating with LTA and MOH, Florence developed the taxi driver assessment for 70 year old elderly taxi and minibus drivers to extend their vocational licences till 75. Florence is currently Head of Department of Occupational Therapy and holds a Masters in Health Science Management.

Head - Promotion & Development

Sijie is an Occupational Therapist working for Singapore General Hospital. He has been involved in SAOT related events since his student days being part of the student council. He believes that one way to contribute to the profession and pushing it to greater heights is by joining the professional organization. He values the importance of having a professional body in representing the profession and acting as a platform for everyone to interact and learn from each other.

Council Member - Promotion and Development 

Peiqi is currently an occupational therapist in St Andrew's Community Hospital. Since her student days till now, Peiqi believes that it is essential for occupational therapists to contribute to the association so that the association can better represent the profession. Hence, she has served in the SAOT student council, organizing and helping out in SAOT-related events. Now as an occupational therapist, Peiqi hopes to continue serving in the council, through representing her colleagues in the community sector and also to be an advocate of the council to her colleagues - to promote and further develop the profession to one that is unified.

Council Member - Promotion & Development

Shuet Fong became an Occupational Therapist through the professional conversion programme. With a passion for work-related practice, she is currently working at Abilities Beyond Limitations and Expectations (ABLE) Singapore, as a therapist and Return-to-Work coordinator. In addition to serving clients directly, Shuet Fong is involved in service development, organization development and advocacy for employment opportunities for persons with acquired disabilities. She hopes to see the profession collaborate 'without borders', working deftly around organizational structures and systems, to contribute to clients' continuum of care and to raise the profile of the professional.

Council Member - Promotion & Development

Fiona is an Occupational Therapist in Singapore General Hospital. She has clinical interests and experiences in the areas of physical and cognitive rehabilitation (e.g. burns, stroke, traumatic brain injury) and management of psychiatric conditions (e.g. eating disorders). She believes in the value of SAOT representing the occupational therapy profession in Singapore since she was a student. Fiona hopes to encourage more clinicians and students to see the importance of SAOT as a source of knowledge and advocacy to further our profession.

Council Member - Education & Research 

Jessica is a Paediatrics Occupational Therapist who has worked across different sectors over the past 10 years. Having been involved in the SAOT Student Committee in NYP and currently, the Paediatrics Special Interest Group, Jessica values the opportunities and platforms that SAOT can create to expand the roles and increase the value of the OT profession in public, private and social service sector. She is passionate about using education and research as avenues to drive the quality and visibility of the OT profession and hopes to create more opportunities for professional sharing and the formation of communities of practice. Jessica is currently an Allied Professional Manager and Senior Occupational Therapist at Rainbow Centre, Margaret Drive, through NCSS Sunray Programme.

Council Member - Education & Research 

Max is currently an Occupational Therapist in Alexandra Hospital. During his NYP days, he had the opportunity to work with the association as part of the student council and witnessed the pivotal role the professional organization has played in shaping the profession. As such, he considers being a council member in the professional organization an important milestone to embark, to actively contribute through various events and projects, in hopes of playing his part in further developing the profession.

Council Member - Education & Research

Millicent currently works in Changi General Hospital and has completed rotations in orthopaedic, general surgery, neurology, inpatient rehabilitation and hands. With her spontaneous and enthusiastic personality, she has made a difference to her clients and their family members' lives, through helping them to adapt to living with temporary or permanent disabilities. She actively provides recommendations for community resources post-discharge, provides home programmes to clients to follow up with, educates families on home modification, and prescribes and trains clients suitable for powered mobility, etc. Millicent is a young and passionate Occupational Therapist who will be able to represent and be a voice to advocate for her peers. Her passion lies in disability sports and has been volunteering in various disability sports community including paracanoe, adapative climbing and wheelchair basketball. In addition, she sets aside time to volunteer in SAOT events. She has been a part of NOTC and OT Day in 2016 and 2017; and part of the organising committee in 2018.

Council Member - Education & Research 

Wilson is currently an occupational therapist in Handicaps Welfare Association (HWA), where he provides rehabilitation to adults with mainly neurological, orthopedic and geriatric issues. He is passionate about occupational therapy practice in the community and when given the chance to redeploy the independent living room facility at HWA, he was thrilled to be able to demonstrate the value of occupational therapy to clients. Now given the opportunity to represent the professional body by serving as a council member to SAOT, he hopes to be able to advocate for occupation-centred practice in the community, while growing and maturing even more as a reflective and critical clinician. 

Council Member - Education & Development

Li Wen is an occupational therapist in Tan Tock Seng Hospital, working with older adults with various chronic conditions. She is also currently involved in the MOM Return to Work (RTW) Programme as a RTW Coordinator, to facilitate injured workers to return to their work in a timely and safe manner. Li Wen has participated in several sports and social volunteering events in an ad hoc basis over the past few years. The experience has brought her awareness on the need to contribute to the society as a whole. Similarly, Li Wen hopes to expose herself to SAOT in order to nurture a culture of continuous learning and development. She is keen to assist and support the evolution of the OT profession in Singapore.

Council Member - Education & Research 

I-Ling is a lecturer of the occupational therapy faculty in Singapore Institute of Technology. She recently graduated with PhD in Kinesiology from University of Minnesota USA. Her research interests are functional assessments and interventions for adults with neurological conditions (e.g. constraint-induced therapy), biomechanical analysis of movement and integration of technology and occupational therapy interventions. Her academic projects included evaluating the effectiveness of a robotic-aided proprioception-motor intervention for adults with stroke and establishing normative data of upper limb proprioception in typically-developing children. Her clinical experiences are with older adults and adults with neurological conditions. She believes SAOT is well-positioned to facilitate and support the growth of the occupational therapy profession. She would like to continue and further develop SAOT's efforts to support research in occupational therapy that could inform current practices and further develop the profession.

WFOT Delegate

Doreen made a mid-career switch and graduated with a Diploma in Occupational Therapy from Nanyang Polytechnic in 2001. She had worked in NUHS for 3 years before joining TTSH Rehab Centre to work with individuals with acquired physical and/or cognitive disabilities. She is currently the Chairperson of the Allied Health Services and Pharmacy Division in TTSH. Her clinical interest is in driving and vocational rehabilitation. Doreen was in SAOT Council from 2002 to 2014 with a short break in 2006-2007 to do her Masters of Health Science in OT with University of Sydney. She is currently the WFOT Delegate. Something dear to her heart is the growth and development of SAOT as SAOT has a very crucial role to play as the representative voice of the OT profession. She is heartened to see a handful of young and passionate OTs joining the Council. She believes that a strong culture of succession planning and the continuing support of the OTs are key factors for the success of SAOT in its mission to serve its members and the society at large.

WFOT 1st Alternate Delegate

Patrick has been practising as an occupational therapist in SGH for since 1995. He sub-specialises in upper limb rehab and ergonomics. Patrick served dual roles as Head of the SGH Occupational Therapy Department and as Coordinating Head of SGH Rehabilitation Centre from 2005-2008. He is also currently the Director for the SGH Postgraduate Allied Health Institute (PGAHI). Patrick served as SAOT’s President from 2004-2006 and as Vice-President from 2007-2009. He has also been serving as SAOT’s WFOT Delegate/Alternate since 2007. He is also currently the President for the Asia Pacific Occupational Therapy Regional Group (APOTRG). Patrick has always been passionate in the development and promotion of the occupational therapy profession in Singapore and internationally.

WFOT 2nd Alternate Delegate

Lim Hua Beng joined SAOT in 1991. He is passionate about ensuring the profession's continual growth through developing capabilities to serve and care for the community's occupational and health needs. He has educated more than 50% of the occupational therapy population in Singapore and continues to contribute to shaping talents in the profession. His work with the Singapore Association of Occupational Therapists has spanned from President, Honorary Secretary, Council Member and currently as a delegate for Singapore to WFOT. Hua Beng was the recipient of the Asia Pacific region's most prestigious occupational therapy award, the Tsuyoshi Sato Lectureship Award. He received and delivered the First Tsuyoshi Sato Lecture at the 4th Asia Pacific Occupational Therapy Conference, 2007. The lecture reflected on the voices of young practitioners and their aspirations for the occupational therapy profession in Singapore. SAOT awarded him SAOT's Inspiring Occupational Therapist Award in 2015. He served and continues to serve in various national taskforces at Ministry of Health and the National Council of Social Services and volunteers at SPD – Serving People with Disabilities. He is one of the founding council member of AHPC. Internationally, he is one of the WFOT delegates that helped create what is now known as WFOT's Asia Pacific Occupational Therapy Regional Group. He is currently Senior Lecturer, Occupational Therapy, Health & Social Sciences Cluster, Singapore Institute of Technology.