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Chun Yi is an experienced occupational therapist who works with children with developmental needs and their families at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (Department of Child Development). She graduated from McMaster University in Canada with a PhD in Rehabilitation Science. She has published in international peer-reviewed journals and is a recipient of international scholarships and local research awards. She is currently involved in several community and research projects that involve providing intervention for families with children with autism in their homes, developing a child outcome summary process for early intervention centres, and exploring clinical utility of a participation assessment tool. A firm believer of occupational therapy and its value to the society, Chun Yi is passionate about supporting occupational therapists in the good work that they do. She is committed in uniting occupational therapists in Singapore through SAOT and meeting their professional needs. Chun Yi also believes that SAOT is integral in advocating for occupational therapy and is the driver for occupational therapists to serve our community. 

Vice-President/ Honorary Secretary

Bi Xia is a Senior Occupational Therapist in National University Hospital, with experiences working with people with various chronic conditions such as mental health, chronic pain and cardiac conditions.  She recently graduated with an MSc in Occupational Therapy (Research), and a graduate certificate in chronic conditions management. Her thesis involved validation of the Patient Activation Measure, a common assessment tool used in chronic conditions self-management. She was also a recipient of various post-graduate scholarships and a local research award. Being actively involved in contributing to the profession, Bi Xia also has experience in organizing SAOT-related events both as a SAOT Student Council member as well as a SAOT Council member.  A firm believer of the importance of a strong OT community to support the growth of occupational therapists in Singapore, Bi Xia is committed to lead and support such initiatives via the SAOT platform. 

Vice-President (Finance)/ Honorary Treasurer

Florence graduated with a BSc (Hons) Occupational Therapy from UK in 1998. She has been working in Tan Tock Seng Hospital. Florence obtained postgraduate certification as a driver assessor in 2004 and oversee driving assessment services. In 2006, collaborating with LTA and MOH, Florence developed the taxi driver assessment for 70 year old taxi drivers to extend their vocational licences till 73. In 2011, her team started minibus driver assessment for 70 year old minibus drivers to extend their vocational licences by 3 years. In 2012, the team worked with LTA to further refine the therapy assessment for taxi drivers to extend their licences till 75 years old. Florence is a member of the Singapore Medical Association’s Committee on Medical Guidelines on Fitness to Drive and reviewed the second edition of the guidelines. Florence is currently Senior Manager of the Occupational Therapy department and holds a Masters in Health Science Management.

Head - Promotion & Development

Vivian is currently a Senior Occupational Therapist in Institute of Mental Health, working with people with psychiatric conditions in the community. Upon graduation, Vivian started working with the inpatients in the acute wards, and later requested to work in Community Mental Health Team so as to provide community-based interventions to the clients with persistent psychiatric illness to continue to live at home whilst working towards recovery. Vivian has been interested in heightening the awareness of the profession to the public and she hopes to contribute to the development of the profession and SAOT.

Council Member - Promotion & Development

Assistant Professor May Lim is an experienced occupational therapist who has been working with children in Singapore and Australia. She attained her Bachelor degree in the United Kingdom. May received an award to undertake a fellowship programme in the United States. She was also awarded with a scholarship from the University of Queensland to do her PhD study. May is the first occupational therapist in Singapore to be awarded the Doctoral of Philosophy (PhD) qualification. As a keen researcher, May has published a number of research articles in international peer reviewed journals. She has developed a social skills program and published a book on this programme. As an educator, she has experience in both lecturing and supervising research projects with students in the areas of Occupational Therapy as well as Early Childhood studies. She is currently the Deputy Programme Director for the Occupational Therapy degree conversion program at the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT), alongside Trinity College Dublin. She is also the Deputy Head for the Learning Environment and Assessment Development (LEAD) at SIT.

Council Member - Promotion & Development

Sijie is an Occupational Therapist working for Singapore General Hospital. He has been involved in SAOT related events since his student days being part of the student council. He believes that one way to contribute to the profession and pushing it to greater heights is by joining the professional organization. He values the importance of having a professional body in representing the profession and acting as a platform for everyone to interact and learn from each other.

Council Member - Promotion & Development

Peiqi is currently an occupational therapist in St Andrew's Community Hospital. Since her student days till now, Peiqi believes that it is essential for occupational therapists to contribute to the association so that the association can better represent the profession. Hence, she has served in the SAOT student council, organizing and helping out in SAOT-related events. Now as an occupational therapist, Peiqi hopes to continue serving in the council, through representing her colleagues in the community sector and also to be an advocate of the council to her colleagues - to promote and further develop the profession to one that is unified.

Council Member - Promotion & Development

Janani is an Occupational Therapist working at Changi General Hospital, specialising in geriatrics rehabilitation currently. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Occupational Therapy from the Singapore Institute of Technology-Trinity College of Dublin. Over the years, Janani has supported SAOT during events they have organised. She also contributed in writing an article for the AnecdOTe, a newsletter developed by SAOT for its members. Ever since graduation, Janani sees the necessity of a professional organisation to unite occupational therapists and to promote a sense of professional identity amongst them to create awareness and push the profession forward in Singapore. Through her work experiences, she is a firm believer of self-directed learning and evidence-based practice to improve day to day practices and to deliver quality care for her patients. As such, Janani has a keen interest in promoting these practices amongst therapists and to assist the association in further development of the profession in Singapore.

Head - Education & Research

Having been actively involved in SAOT since his Student Committee days, Gabriel sees SAOT as an opportunity and strategic platform to raise the awareness and value of the OT profession for public health and social care. He believes that professional development of members and active student involvement are integral to this purpose, and has actively advocated for opportunities through member-driven projects and external partnerships. Gabriel's passion lies in empowering communities to co-create meaningful changes, utilizing "Design Thinking" principles with technological advancements to enhance community platforms. Gabriel has completed his MA Digital Media Management, and is currently Assistant Manager and Senior Occupational Therapist at AWWA Community Integration Service, through the NCSS Sunray programme.

Council Member - Education & Research

Jessica has always strived for high standards and clinical excellence in her work as an occupational therapist. After graduating from NYP and the University of Sydney, Jessica practiced for 5 years in SGH, where she was team leader for the rehabilitation unit. She was awarded a SingHealth grant to attend an overseas training stint to enhance her capabilities in managing clients with acquired brain injury. Working with this population has remained a fervent passion for her ever since. She currently supports the delivery of profession-related modules in NYP. She also holds the position of Deputy Clinical Coordinator, where she is jointly responsible for ensuring successful clinical fieldwork experiences for occupational therapy students. Her other areas of interest include clinical mentorship and quality standards assurance.

Council Member - Education & Research

Max is currently an Occupational Therapist in National University Hospital. During his NYP days, he had the opportunity to work with the association as part of the student council and witnessed the pivotal role the professional organization has played in shaping the profession. As such, he considers being a council member in the professional organization an important milestone to embark, to actively contribute through various events and projects, in hopes of playing his part in further developing the profession.        

Council Member - Education & Research

Doreen is currently an occupational therapist at TOUCH Home care, where she provides mainly home-based services such as home modification, caregiver training and home therapy to the elderly. Doreen is very passionate about occupational therapy practice in the community sector. During her NYP days, Doreen served as the secretary in the SAOT student council. She was exposed to and involved in several SAOT events where she learned more about the work done by the association. She believes that it is essential to have a professional association to represent and advocate for its members. Occupational therapists can also access the various platforms set up by SAOT to gather, collaborate and learn from one another. Through joining SAOT, Doreen hopes to contribute to the growth and development of the profession. 

Council Member - Quality & Standards

Nizar graduated from the Occupational Therapy program in Nanyang Polytechnic, where he served as a member of the SAOT Student Council. He was a community-based occupational therapist in the Handicaps Welfare Association and gained exposure to many areas of practice including home and center-based rehabilitation, support services in paediatrics, and care for adolescents with muscular dystrophy. Nizar is passionate in supporting the training and development of future occupational therapists and presently lectures at his alma mater. He strongly believes in the value of mentoring the current generation of students in order to ensure a strong and stable future for the profession. Nizar also has a keen interest in contributing to the development of the profession – this being his reason for joining SAOT as a council member. Nizar is currently completing his studies in the European Master of Science in Occupational Therapy.

WFOT Delegate

Doreen made a mid-career switch and graduated with a Diploma in Occupational Therapy from Nanyang Polytechnic in 2001. She had worked in NUHS for 3 years before joining TTSH Rehab Centre. She is currently the Rehab Manager at the Centre. Her clinical interest is in driving and vocational rehabilitation. Doreenwas in SAOT Council from 2002 to 2014 with a short break in 2006-2007 to do her Masters of Health Science in OT with University of Sydney. She is currently the WFOT Delegate. Something dear to her heart is the growth and development of SAOT as SAOT has a very crucial role to play as the representative voice of the OT profession. She is heartened to see a handful of young and passionate OTs joining the Council. She believes that a strong culture of succession planning and the continuing support of the OTs are key factors for the success of SAOT in its mission to serve its members and the society at large.

WFOT 1st Alternate Delegate

Patrick has been practising as an occupational therapist in SGH for since 1995. He sub-specialises in upper limb rehab and ergonomics. Patrick served dual roles as Head of the SGH Occupational Therapy Department and as Coordinating Head of SGH Rehabilitation Centre from 2005-2008. He is also currently the Director for the SGH Postgraduate Allied Health Institute (PGAHI). Patrick served as SAOT’s President from 2004-2006 and as Vice-President from 2007-2009. He has also been serving as SAOT’s WFOT Delegate/Alternate since 2007. He is also currently the Treasurer for the Asia Pacific Occupational Therapy Regional Group (APOTRG). Patrick has always been passionate in the development and promotion of the occupational therapy profession in Singapore and internationally.

WFOT 2nd Alternate Delegate

Hua Beng was the recipient of the Asia Pacific region’s most prestigious occupational therapy award, the Tsuyoshi Sato Lectureship Award. He received and delivered the First Tsuyoshi Sato Lecture at the 4th Asia Pacific Occupational Therapy Conference, 2007. The lecture reflected on the voices of young practitioners and their aspirations for the occupational therapy profession in Singapore. His work with the Singapore Association of Occupational Therapists has spanned from President, Council Member and currently as the 2nd alternate delegate for Singapore to WFOT. He has a passion for facilitating mentoring in the profession and inculcating the values of serving one’s society through occupational therapy. He is currently senior lecturer and course manager for the occupational therapy course at the School of Health Sciences, Nanyang Polytechnic, Singapore. He is also appointed as Project Head, Allied Health Development, Manpower Standards and Development Division, Ministry of Health.

Honorary Auditor

"Man, through the use of his hands, as they are energized by mind and will, can influence the state of his own health," Laura Reilly.

Jane is intrigued with the wonders of the hand as a device we use the most to stay engaged in occupations. As the saying goes, a lively hand is a lively mind. All the grand plans we conceive would come to nothing but an endless to-do list without the amazing hands. Practicing as a hand occupational therapist in Alexandra Hospital, Jane also supports her fellow colleagues in their discovery on hands rehabilitation.

Honorary Auditor 

Jeyam is the Head of Department of Occupational Therapy in the new upcoming Sengkang Hospital. Prior to joining Sengkang, Jeyam was working as a senior principal occupational therapist in SGH. Her area of specialisation is in hand therapy with a special interest in brachial plexus injuries.

Jeyam was elected to SAOT council and served from 2005 till 2012 where she held various portfolios including Secretary for 6 years.