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A Tribute to Mrs. Siva

In 2017,  the  OT  community  in  Singapore  was  deeply  saddened  to  learn  of  the  passing  of  one  of  our  pioneer  OTs,  Mrs  Sarasvathey  Sivagnanaratnam.  Throughout  her  professional  career,  Mrs  Siva  played  an  instrumental  role  in  establishing  occupational  therapy  in  Singapore.  Mrs  Siva  was  also  a  wise  leader  who  devoted  her  energies  to  the  welfare  and  long-term  development  of  OTs  in  Singapore  as  she  served  as  the  founding  President  of  Singapore  Association  of  Occupational  Therapists. On behalf of the OT community in Singapore, SAOT paid a special tribute to Mrs Siva during NOTC 2017 in remembrance of her significant contributions to our OT profession.