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Inspiring Occupational Therapist Award 2017

In 2015, our inaugural Inspiring Occupational Therapist Award was awarded to Mr Lim Hua Beng. In 2017, we continued the tradition and received notable nominations for the award. The 2nd Inspiring Occupational Therapist Award Winner was awarded to Ms Lau Cheng Mun!

Cheng Mun contributed significantly to the education of the Occupational Therapy profession in Singapore. In the 1980s, the Singapore Government wanted to start Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy courses. In late 1991, University of Sydney was awarded the government contract to kickstart the Occupational Therapy program and the then-Head of OT NYP Ms Jane Gamble (sent from University of Sydney), identified two locals to come in to teach. One of them was Cheng Mun. When University of Sydney handed the program to NYP, in late 1995, Cheng Mun was the first local head of the OT programme. Cheng Mun was promoted to be the Deputy Director (Allied
Health), in the School of Health Sciences in 2001, and then promoted to Director, School of Heath Sciences (Allied Health) in 2007.

Cheng Mun was also active in SAOT: she served in various positions in SAOT from Council Member to President (1998-2000). As a senior in the profession, Cheng Mun has guided the SAOT council considerably. When SAOT needed an experienced OT to chair the scientific committee and mentor the council in organising the 3rd Asia Pacific OT congress (APOTC) in 2003, Cheng Mun stepped in without hesitation. She was generous in sharing her time and in imparting her wisdom to the young OTs.

Cheng Mun is a well-respected leader in the allied health and education communities in Singapore. She was awarded the prestigious Public Administration Silver Medal by the Ministry of Health in 2016. Despite her numerous achievements, Cheng Mun always has genuine interest in the OTs and other staff she worked with. She is a quiet, capable and reliable leader who works behind the scenes.

Congratulations Cheng Mun! Thank you for being an inspiration to our occupational therapists in Singapore!