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Membership Subscriptions

For Ordinary Membership Applications

Membership Fees:

  • New Members : $100 per annum

3-Year Membership Package is available now!

  • New Members : $250

Payment Methods

  • Paypal (Coming Soon!)
  • Internet Banking
  • Cheque

Mailing of Cheque made payable to SAOT:

  • Please include your name, IC / FIN number at the back of the cheque

Internet Banking to SAOT’s DBS Current account (006-003338-5):

  • Please send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to inform us about the payment
  • Please include your name, IC / FIN number, transaction number, payment amount and date for verification purposes.

Note: Processing times vary based on payment methods. For faster processing, please choose either Paypal or Internet Banking methods.

Application documents required:

  • Occupational therapy academic and professional qualifications
  • S-Pass (for foreigners)

For Student Membership Applications

Membership Fees:

  • $20 per annum (applicable to NYP & SIT Students)
  • 4-Year Student Membership Package: $70 (available to 1st year SIT students only)

Membership Period:

Student membership follows the academic year (based on NYP and SIT Academic Calendars) regardless of starting dates for application

Application documents required:

  • Student ID Card or Proof of Matriculation ID

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