Working as an

Occupational Therapist in Singapore

To practise in Singapore, you must be registered with the Allied Health Professions Council (AHPC), the regulatory body for allied health professionals. Occupational Therapists and other allied health professions are regulated under the Allied Health Professions Act 2011.

In order to get registered, applicants must fulfil the AHPC criteria which could be found here. Details on the Registration Application process, including online registration application form and user manual for registration application, could be found on the AHPC website.

Employment Opportunities for Occupational Therapists

In Singapore, Occupational Therapists work with people of all ages in a variety of settings across health, social and education sectors. Some settings include hospitals, rehabilitation centres, community agencies, special schools, nursing homes and private clinics. 

There are opportunities to work in areas such as (but not limiting to):

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