Jessica Hooi


Jessica received her occupational therapy training in Singapore and Australia. She is currently seconded to Rainbow Centre under NCSS Sunray Scheme and is holding the position of a senior manager cum senior occupational therapist. As an OT, she has worked in the children and adolescents setting across different sectors over the past 14 years and is currently holding appointed roles in various committees under the Allied Health Professions Council (AHPC). Having been involved in the SAOT Student Committee as a student in Nanyang Polytechnic and in the Paediatrics Special Interest Group (SIG) as a clinician, she values the opportunities and platforms that SAOT creates to increase the importance and value of the OT profession. Jessica is passionate about driving the quality and visibility of the OT profession and hopes to create more opportunities for professional sharing and creation of collective knowledge amongst OTs in Singapore.

Sharifah Rawiah Binte Matnor

Vice-President (Honorary Secretary)

Sharifah Rawiah is currently an occupational therapist in a social service agency serving a DAC for adults with autism and an internal programme focusing on inclusive work. She was previously a SAOT Workplace Ambassador for 2 years before joining as SAOT council member in Promotion & Development. She believes staying connected with other OTs as well as open sharing with one another will not only promote cohesion but encourage learning within the profession. Hence, she enjoys using social media platforms to reach out to other therapists both on her personal platform as well as organisation’s platform. Being the SAOT Vice-president (honorary secretary), she hopes to further connect with more OTs as well as elevate the profession further by representing and supporting the members and community.

Pow Siok Kee

Vice-President, Finance (Honorary Treasurer)

Siok Kee is currently an occupational therapist in National University Hospital, specializing in hand therapy and rehabilitation. She is also involved in functional capacity evaluation, work rehabilitation and MOM return to work (RTW) programme as a RTW coordinator. She was previously a SAOT workplace ambassador for 2 years, being a communication touch-point between SAOT and OTs in NUH. She then joined SAOT as a council member in the Promotion & Development subcommittee. She believes in SAOT representing the professional body and values the opportunity to contribute to the association. She hopes to promote and further develop the profession, amplifying the identity of occupational therapy in Singapore.

Cheng Shuet Fong

Council Member – Promotion & Development

Shuet Fong became an Occupational Therapist through the professional conversion programme. She has worked as a therapist in the acute and community settings. With a passion for work-related practice, she has also worked as a Return-to-Work coordinator. She joined the council in 2018, as a member of the Promotion and Development team, focusing on outreach to members and non-members, via SAOT initiatives like OT Day celebrations and advocacy for members’ benefits. She hopes to see the profession collaborate 'without borders', working deftly around organizational structures and systems, to contribute to clients' continuum of care and to raise the profile of the profession.

Gabriel Kwek

Council Member – Promotion & Development

Gabriel’s journey with SAOT started with his involvement as a SAOT Student Committee member. Gabriel then joined SAOT Council, and served in roles such as Head of the subcommittees, and Vice-President. He currently represents SAOT in engagement with the National Council of Social Services (NCSS). Gabriel strongly believes in building on collective leadership (through ground efforts and passionate OT members) to drive meaningful impact and avenues for service users. Beyond crafting meaningful opportunities through SAOT, Gabriel hopes to leverage on SAOT as an aggregator to innovate, formalize, and spread awareness of local OT initiatives and useful resources (e.g. Practice Toolkits, Guidelines) to widen the benefits and contributions of OTs across practice fields. He has accumulated experience working across health and social care sectors and is now a Senior Professional Officer at the Singapore Institute of Technology where he takes pride in the education and development of future OTs in Singapore.

Krystal Lin

Council Member – Promotion & Development

Krystal is currently an Occupational Therapist in Tan Tock Seng Hospital. She has worked in various areas of practice, such as geriatric, general medicine, renal, palliative and hands rehabilitation. Apart from inpatient acute settings, she also had experience conducting outpatient home visits for community-dwelling older adults and developing educational materials to promote safer living within the community for older adults. She was also invited as a speaker to share and discuss the application of Activity Card Sort-Singapore for community participation during SAOT OT Day 2021. As a council member, she hopes to support SAOT in developing and bonding the OT profession, adding value to the care of our clients.

Yap Li Wen

Council Member – Promotion & Development

Li Wen started her journey as an Occupational Therapist in a restructured hospital, followed by a rehabilitation centre and ventured into the community. Currently, she is in a therapy hub and has been working in various Intermediate and Long-Term Care settings such as Senior Care Centres, Nursing Homes and Home Therapy. Her involvement with SAOT started as a member of SAOT Student Committee. She went on to lead SAOT Physical Rehabilitation Special Interest Group from 2017 and joined the Council as part of the Promotion & Development subcommittee in 2020. She believes in the power of communities and partnerships between therapists, organisations, clients and the community to build an inclusive society where everyone with different abilities is given opportunities for participation. Through SAOT, she hopes to contribute to shaping the development of various communities and partnerships to push for clinical advancements in the profession and advocate for the people we serve together with the people we serve.

Millicent Poh

Council Member – Education & Research (Head)

Millicent is currently an Occupational Therapist in a restructured hospital serving patients in the inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation setting. Outside of her day to day job, her passion lies in disability sports, and she has been volunteering in various disability sports communities. In addition, she sets aside time to volunteer with the spinal cord support group. Over the last 2 terms, she served in P&D and E&R where she facilitated professional learning and bonding through multiple events, such as SAOT OT Day, SIGs and NOTC. As a council member, she hopes to unite the profession as one and to enhance the quality of patient care and to support students' transition to clinicians.

Cai Mingxiu

Council Member – Education & Research

Mingxiu joined the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) in 2013 as an Occupational Therapist for the then Changi Women’s Prison (CWP) Psychiatric Housing Unit (CWP PHU), where CWP PHU is an extension of the collaborative project that started in April 2011 between Singapore Prisons Service and Institute of Mental Health for offenders with mental health needs. More recently, Mingxiu is part of the hospital-led empanelment initiative, which seeks to support individuals from inpatient stay through to community in their recovery journeys. Mingxiu believes in the power of occupation-centred practice in mental health, and hopes to contribute in building a local community that is passionate in reaching out to individuals with mental health needs through her role as a council member in Education and Research.

Jonathon Coo

Council Member – Education & Research

Jonathan has been a practicing Occupational therapist for over 20 years with 12 years of clinical experience in the Philippine hospital setting and 9 years in Singapore. He is currently a Senior Occupational therapist in St Luke’s Eldercare focusing on Adult and Geriatric cases including Persons with Dementia and Parkinson’s disease. He led the ongoing adapted NUHS H.A.P.P.Y. project in SLEC daycare in collaboration with AIC. He completed his Bachelors degree in Occupational therapy from one of the WFOT accredited university in the Philippines. He hopes to build a strong community and OTs that is passionate about helping the elderly with needs to fight frailty, age gracefully in the community and achieve a satisfying quality of life.

Sharon Chen

Council Member – Education & Research

Sharon Chen started her journey as an Occupational Therapist in a restructured hospital and community hospital and has worked with diverse groups of patients before joining the private sector. Her journey with SAOT started as a student committee and helped out in organising OT day in 2014 and 2015. She believes in the importance of continuous professional development and mentoring and hopes that she can promote more training opportunities and support to junior therapists during their transition into the workforce.

Dr Yeh I-Ling

Council Member – Education & Research

I-Ling is an assistant professor in Singapore Institute of Technology. She has been in the Education and Research Committee of SAOT council since 2018. She is involved in research-related portfolio, including administration of annual SAOT research grant, and research mentorship. She has also advised the student committee of SAOT since 2019. She previously served on the Scientific Committee of the National Occupational Therapy Conference in 2019. She has authored several peer-reviewed articles on neurorehabilitation, rehabilitation technology, stroke rehabilitation and occupational therapy. She has been a Review Editor for Frontiers in Rehabilitation Sciences since May 2021 and has been reviewing for academic journals in related fields. She is dedicated to serving the professional community and believes in SAOT as a platform to continue strengthening the profession by facilitating clinical research and creating conversations and collaborations.

Florence Cheong

WFOT Delegate

Florence is currently Senior Principal Occupational Therapist and Head of Occupational Therapy Department in Tan Tock Seng Hospital. Since 2006, Florence’s driving assessment team has been collaborating with governmental authorities such as Land Transport Authority, Traffic Police, Ministry of Manpower and Singapore Medical Association to develop and conduct driving assessments for elderly vocational drivers. Partnering with Traffic Police, Land Transport Authority and the Handicapped Welfare Association, the team developed a workflow for persons with disabilities to learn/return to driving after a medical condition in Singapore. Florence served as council member in the Allied Health Professions Council (AHPC) from 2013 to 2019 and is the Deputy Chair of the Occupational Therapy Credentials Committee in AHPC. She co-chairs the Occupational Therapy Panel in MOH. Florence volunteered in various portfolios in SAOT: as elected President (2006-2016); elected Vice President (Finance) (2016-2020) and currently, as Singapore’s Delegate to the World Federation of Occupational Therapists. She won the Inspiring Occupational Therapist Award conferred by SAOT in 2019. Florence is an adjunct faculty with the Singapore Institute of Technology, imparting knowledge on health systems, management and leadership. She is a recipient of the Skillsfuture Fellowships 2020.

Patrick Ker

WFOT 1st Alternate Delegate

Patrick has been practising as an occupational therapist at the Singapore General Hospital since 1995, sub-specialising in upper limb rehab and ergonomics. He had taken on leadership roles including Head of the SGH Occupational Therapy Department and Coordinating Head of the Rehabilitation Centre. He is currently the Director for the SGH Postgraduate Allied Health Institute and the Lead for SGH’s Allied Health Division Clinical Education Unit where he oversees clinical education matters for allied health professionals. Patrick has taken on various roles in SAOT including President, Vice-President, Secretary, Council Member, WFOT Delegate and currently as the 1st Alternate WFOT Delegate. He is also currently the President for the Asia Pacific Occupational Therapy Regional Group (APOTRG), having served as Treasurer and Vice-President for the regional group previously. Patrick has always been passionate in the development and promotion of the occupational therapy profession in Singapore and internationally. He launched the 1st Occupational Therapists Day in Singapore during his term as SAOT President and continues to serve in various committees that uphold the professional standards of occupational therapy practice.

Associate Professor Lim Hua Beng

WFOT 2nd Alternate Delegate

Hua Beng is an Associate Professor with the Health and Social Sciences Cluster at the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT). He is the current Programme Leader of Occupational Therapy degree at SIT. Hua Beng has dedicated his career to educating and mentoring Singapore’s future generation of occupational therapists. He is actively involved in various workgroups and committees with the Allied Health Professions Council, the Ministry of Social and Family Development and the Ministry of Health. In 2007, Hua Beng was awarded the Tsuyoshi Sato Lectureship Award by the Asia Pacific Occupational Therapists Regional Group. He also received the Inspiring Occupational Therapist Award from the Singapore Association of Occupational Therapists in 2015, the Educator Achievement Award from Nanyang Polytechnic in 2017 and Teaching Excellence Award from SIT in 2020. Hua Beng has served as President, SAOT , WFOT Education Programme and was one of the WFOT delegates who founded the Asia Pacific Occupational Therapy Network which is now the Asia Pacific Occupational Therapists Regional Group.