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Jessica is a Paediatrics Occupational Therapist who has worked across different sectors over the past 12 years. Having been involved in the SAOT Student Committee as a student in NYP and the Paediatrics Special Interest Group as an OT, Jessica values the opportunities and platforms that SAOT can create to expand the roles and increase the value of the OT profession in public, private and social service sector. She is passionate about driving the quality and visibility of the OT profession and hopes to create more opportunities for professional sharing and the formation of communities of practice. Jessica is currently a Senior Manager at Rainbow Centre, Margaret Drive, through NCSS Sunray Programme.

Vice-President, Finance (Honorary Treasurer)

Siok Kee is an Occupational Therapist in National University Hospital, working with individuals with hand injuries. She is also involved in work rehabilitation and MOM return to work programme as a RTW coordinator. She previously was a SAOT workplace ambassador, being a communication touch-point between SAOT and OTs in NUH. She believes in SAOT representing the professional body and values the opportunity to contribute to the association. She hopes to promote and further develop the profession, amplifying the identity of occupational therapy in Singapore.

Vice-President (Honorary Secretary)

Li Wen is an Occupational Therapist in Tan Tock Seng Hospital, who has working experiences in various adult and geriatric rehabilitation and a range of diagnosis groups. Li Wen has contributed to several volunteering events and schemes over the past few years, ranging from sports, social and defence of the nation. The experiences have brought her the awareness of the constant need to contribute to the society, no matter how minute one's efforts are. The decision to step up to serve in SAOT council brings additional meaning in playing a part towards the evolution of the OT profession. She is a strong believer in continuous reflection, learning and development, for one to remain steadfast when serving the association.

Council Member - Promotion & Development (Head)

 Siong Yin is an Occupational Therapist in Tan Tock Seng Hospital. She has worked with clients with orthopaedic, neurological and geriatric conditions. More recently, she has started seeing clients for work rehabilitation. Siong Yin was attracted to the core value of the OT profession in optimising meaningful engagement. Through cultivating a stronger sense of community, she believes that the profession would have a stronger voice to support its development and benefit clients.

Council Member - Promotion and Development 

Shuet Fong became an Occupational Therapist through the professional conversion programme. With a passion for work-related practice, she has worked as a therapist and a Return-to-Work coordinator. She hopes to see the profession collaborate 'without borders', working deftly around organizational structures and systems, to contribute to clients' continuum of care and to raise the profile of the professional.

Council Member - Promotion & Development

Gabriel’s journey with SAOT first came into being in the role as SAOT Student Committee member back in 2007-2010. Shortly upon graduation in 2011, he was incepted into SAOT Council and has since served as Head of Promotion & Development, Head of Education & Research, and Vice-President. He also currently represents SAOT in its engagement with the National Council of Social Services (NCSS). After a short hiatus in 2019, Gabriel has rejoined council in this new term (2020/22) to continue serving SAOT in its mission to shape and advance Singapore’s OT profession. Gabriel strongly believes in building on the collective leadership (driven by ground efforts and passionate OT members) that has resulted in meaningful impact and avenues for our service users, exemplified in SAOT events such as NOTC 2019’s inclusion of Persons with Disabilities through important and meaningful roles such as emcee, photographer and speaker, in line with the theme of “Participation: The Key to Health & Wellbeing”. Gabriel hopes to leverage on SAOT as an aggregator to innovate, formalize, and spread awareness of local OT initiatives and useful resources (e.g. Practice Toolkits, Guideline Formation) to widen the benefits and contributions of OTs across our places of practice. He is also passionate about re-igniting action-driven community engagement, together with OT practitioners, to deepen and extend support for disadvantaged population groups at the public/community health level, through the unique lens and philosophy of Occupational Therapy practice. Gabriel currently works in TTSH as a Senior OT (for TTSH Rehabilitation Center & transitional/community care services) and Team Lead for TTSH Community Health Team (Ang Mo Kio) at the Division of Central Health.

Council Member - Promotion & Development

Sharifah Rawiah graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in occupational therapy from Trinity College Dublin, Ireland in 2016. Sharifah started out as an Occupational therapist in the community sector serving adults with acquired physical disability in a vocational rehabilitation programme. She was previously a SAOT Workplace Ambassador for 2 years, being the touchpoint between her organization as well as SAOT. She was an Insight Chat speaker for NOTC 2018 sharing her experience with a former client on transitional care from acute to the community and providing insight on the role of community OTs. Currently, she is an OT in a SPED school as well as a DAC, both serving the autism population. Her passion has always been in community practice as she believes that it provides good opportunities for therapists to form long term relationships with clients, essential for their journey. She believes staying connected with other OTs as well as open sharing with one another will not only promote cohesion but encourage learning within the profession. Hence, she enjoys using social media platform to reach out to other therapists both on her personal platform as well as organisation’s platform. Through SAOT, she hopes to further connect with more OTs as well as elevate the profession further by representing and supporting the members and community. .

Council Member - Promotion and Development

Li Wen is an Occupational Therapist in AWWA and works in different agencies within the Intermediate and Long-Term Care sector, including senior care centres, home therapy, and nursing homes. She started her career in a restructured hospital, followed by a rehabilitation centre, before venturing into the community. As she journeyed through the different stages of rehabilitation in different settings, she saw the value of partnerships in supporting clients to participate in the community. These partnerships help to understand the clients' needs, and experiences, to facilitate collaborations with appropriate stakeholders to create the resources and support needed. As a council member, she hopes to serve the community by using her experience to shape the development of different communities of practice, and partnerships between diverse stakeholders across the continuum of care. She believes strongly in the need to push for clinical advancement within the profession and advocate for the people that we serve.

Council Member - Education & Research (Head)

Millicent is currently an Occupational Therapist in Changi General Hospital serving patients in the inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation setting. Outside of her day to day job, her passion lies in disability sports, and she has been volunteering in various disability sports communities. In addition, she sets aside time to volunteer with the spinal cord support group. Over the last 2 terms, she served in P&D and E&R where she facilitated professional learning and bonding through multiple events, such as SAOT OT Day, SIGs and NOTC. As a council member, she hopes to unite the profession as one and to enhance the quality of patient care and to support students transition to clinicians.

Council Member - Education & Research

Mingxiu joined the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) in 2013 as an occupational therapist for the then Changi Women’s Prison (CWP) Psychiatric Housing Unit (PHU). CWP PHU is an extension of the collaborative project that started in April 2011 between Singapore Prisons Service and Institute of Mental Health for offenders with mental health needs. More recently, Mingxiu is involved in the hospital-led empanelment initiative, which seeks to support individuals through from inpatient stay to the community in their recovery journeys. Mingxiu believes in the power of occupation-centred practice in mental health, and hopes to contribute in building a local community that is passionate in reaching out to individuals with mental health needs.

Council Member - Education & Research

Jonathan has been a practising occupational therapist for almost 20 years with 12 years of experience in the Philippines hospital setting and 8 years of experience in Singapore. He is currently working in St Luke's Eldercare. Jonathan is a graduate with a Bachelors degree in Occupational Therapy from one of the WFOT accredited university in the Philippines. Jonathan is passionate about helping the elderly with needs to fight frailty, age gracefully in the community and achieve a satisfying quality of life. 

Council Member - Education & Research

Sharon is an occupational therapist who has worked across different sectors and is currently working in Ozworks Therapy. She is passionate about education and believe the importance in creating a positive learning environment for OTs. She hopes to be able to share her passion through SAOT council and keen to support the development of the profession in Singapore.

Council Member - Education & Research 

I-Ling is a lecturer of the occupational therapy faculty in Singapore Institute of Technology. She recently graduated with PhD in Kinesiology from University of Minnesota USA. Her research interests are functional assessments and interventions for adults with neurological conditions (e.g. constraint-induced therapy), biomechanical analysis of movement and integration of technology and occupational therapy interventions. Her academic projects included evaluating the effectiveness of a robotic-aided proprioception-motor intervention for adults with stroke and establishing normative data of upper limb proprioception in typically-developing children. Her clinical experiences are with older adults and adults with neurological conditions. She believes SAOT is well-positioned to facilitate and support the growth of the occupational therapy profession. She would like to continue and further develop SAOT's efforts to support research in occupational therapy that could inform current practices and further develop the profession.

WFOT Delegate

Florence graduated with a BSc (Hons) Occupational Therapy from UK in 1998. She has been working in Tan Tock Seng Hospital. Florence obtained postgraduate certification as a driver assessor in 2004 and oversee driving assessment services. In 2006, collaborating with LTA and MOH, Florence developed the taxi driver assessment for 70 year old elderly taxi and minibus drivers to extend their vocational licences till 75. Florence is currently Head of Department of Occupational Therapy and holds a Masters in Health Science Management.

WFOT 1st Alternate Delegate

Patrick has been practising as an occupational therapist in SGH for since 1995. He sub-specialises in upper limb rehab and ergonomics. Patrick served dual roles as Head of the SGH Occupational Therapy Department and as Coordinating Head of SGH Rehabilitation Centre from 2005-2008. He is also currently the Director for the SGH Postgraduate Allied Health Institute (PGAHI). Patrick served as SAOT’s President from 2004-2006 and as Vice-President from 2007-2009. He has also been serving as SAOT’s WFOT Delegate/Alternate since 2007. He is also currently the President for the Asia Pacific Occupational Therapy Regional Group (APOTRG). Patrick has always been passionate in the development and promotion of the occupational therapy profession in Singapore and internationally.

WFOT 2nd Alternate Delegate

Lim Hua Beng joined SAOT in 1991. He is passionate about ensuring the profession's continual growth through developing capabilities to serve and care for the community's occupational and health needs. He has educated more than 50% of the occupational therapy population in Singapore and continues to contribute to shaping talents in the profession. His work with the Singapore Association of Occupational Therapists has spanned from President, Honorary Secretary, Council Member and currently as a delegate for Singapore to WFOT. Hua Beng was the recipient of the Asia Pacific region's most prestigious occupational therapy award, the Tsuyoshi Sato Lectureship Award. He received and delivered the First Tsuyoshi Sato Lecture at the 4th Asia Pacific Occupational Therapy Conference, 2007. The lecture reflected on the voices of young practitioners and their aspirations for the occupational therapy profession in Singapore. SAOT awarded him SAOT's Inspiring Occupational Therapist Award in 2015. He served and continues to serve in various national taskforces at Ministry of Health and the National Council of Social Services and volunteers at SPD – Serving People with Disabilities. He is one of the founding council member of AHPC. Internationally, he is one of the WFOT delegates that helped create what is now known as WFOT's Asia Pacific Occupational Therapy Regional Group. He is currently Senior Lecturer, Occupational Therapy, Health & Social Sciences Cluster, Singapore Institute of Technology.