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Date: 30 January 2020 - 30 January 2020


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Mental Health SIG

Title: Managing challenging and difficult patients
Date: 30 January 2020 (Thursday)
Time: 6.45pm to 8pm
Venue: Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Annex 1, L3-N-M007 (Irrawady)
Course fees: Free for SAOT members, $10 for non-members

Patients become ‘challenging’ for a number of reasons. There are some patient characteristics that suggest the likelihood of difficult encounters. Similarly, healthcare professional attitudes can also create circumstances in which we are responsible for the difficulties. Being aware of factors that contribute to difficult clinical encounters and having the tools to deal with these situations when they arise can make for a better experience for both us and our patients.

Speaker: Pan Huimin
Huimin is a mental health occupational therapist in CGH, working with persons with mental health needs and persons with psychosocial stressors after a medical illness. She provides skills training such as relaxation, stress and anxiety management and assertiveness training for clients. She was also part of the community mental health intervention team for 3 years, offering psychosocial therapeutic interventions for persons with mild to moderate mental health needs living in the East side of Singapore.

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* Attendance to the SIG will be on a first come first basis.
* The costs for non-SAOT members will be adjusted from June 2020 onwards.