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Date: 9 July 2020 - 9 July 2020


CFE framework

Physical Rehab SIG: 
Introduction of Resource on Application of Cognitive Functional Evaluation (CFE) framework in clinical practice

In 2018, SAOT Physical Rehabilitation SIG conducted a survey to understand the use of cognitive assessments among local OTs. Based on the survey results, cognitive screens were predominantly used. There was limited awareness and use of other types of cognitive assessments. As presented in NOTC 2018, the SIG looked into the use of CFE as a guide for OTs on the ‘what’ and ‘how’ to assess clients with suspected cognitive impairments. With the support from Prof. Adina Maeir, we put together a resource on CFE specially for SAOT members. 

Join us over Zoom to learn more about the survey that led to the development of this CFE resource PLUS get the FIRST PEEK of the resource :)

Interested participants may sign up at this link!