Celebrating OT


TTSH – Creative Team-Based Skills Training for Palliative Care

Occupational Therapists in TTSH designed an escape room theme to impart new skills and knowledge regarding the role of Occupational Therapy in palliative care via a fun and interactive methodology. With a focus on promoting team-based communication skills while also educating on the role of OT in palliative care, the team at TTSH demonstrated how learning activities as -means (focusing on skill development) and -end (promoting successful achievement of the task at end) can help to enhance healthcare delivery, while highlighting unique needs of palliative care patients.

Further to this event, TTSH, together with Singapore General Hospital and Assisi Hospice, jointly created the Rehabilitation in Palliative Care Reference Guide for OTs! Log in to your member’s account (or sign up for one now!) to access the Members-Only Practice Guideline!



TTSH – Cre-Aid – Creativity in Mobility

As part of TTSH OT day celebration 2020 – Themed “Cre-Aid – Creativity in Mobility” –  TTSH occupational therapists collaborated with designers from Kaizen Office, Personal Mobility Aid (PMA) users, vendors, design student volunteers, HDB and BCA to achieve a common goal – adapting motorized wheelchairs and mobility scooters to address the unmet needs of their users in both daily use and during training. The multi-disciplinary teams ideated innovative and functional solutions to address different challenges faced by PMA users, with the winning team getting a chance to further utilize resources available through TTSH to prototype their solution!


SPD – Integrating Care with Impact and Unity

From SPD@Jurong to Enabling Village to SPD Headquarters @ Tiong Bahru

SPD Occupational Therapists brought their colleagues along in the world of their clients, simulating common challenges faced by persons with disabilities (PwDs) when completing activities that are meaningfully designed by the occupational therapists at SPD. The experience served to facilitate greater empathy for PwDs, while also allowing for staff at SPD to better understand the treatment rationale and philosophy of using meaningful occupations and tasks to facilitate greater independence and role achievement, through OT interventions. Click in the link above to see some examples of what the OTs at SPD had creatively designed to achieve their purpose for OT Day 2020!