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Research Grant Winners

Recent Research Grant winners:

Koh Wei Qi (SGH):
Occupations of community dwelling older adults in Singapore: An exploratory study

Joshua Yong (SKH):
Factors influencing the use of standardized outcome measures of dexterity: A qualitative interpretive description on the perspectives of Occupational Therapists in Singapore

Quek Xiu Ling (SPD):
Perceptions of family and allied health professionals on family-centred community paediatrics rehabilitation programme in Singapore

Christina Tai (NUH):
Clinical results for acute triangular fibrocartilage complex (TFCC) injury and conservative management

Tim Xu (SIT):
Piloting the adapted Stepping On after Stroke program in community rehabilitation settings in Singapore: A feasibility study

Yetta Chan (SGH):
Development of a novel objective assessment of unilateral spatial neglect post-stroke, A Test of Unilateral spatial Neglect (ATTUNE): A pilot normative study

Joanna Ngiam (TTSH):
An exploratory study on the use of an occupation-focused approach in hand therapy practice

Ngooi Bi Xia (NUH):
Validation of Patient Activation Measure (PAM 13) among adults with cardiac conditions in Singapore

Yang Zixian (SGH):
Exploring the biomechanical demands of a mopping task in Singapore: A pilot study